Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peekaboo and Spooky

I'm not sure if he's resting or if he's wedged.

This last weekend while we were in Escalante for Amy's wedding we had the unusual experience of having an entire afternoon with nothing scheduled. So, Tony decided we were going to go hiking in the slot canyons. I was excited because we've been really trying to work out more and I knew that packing our kids most, if not all of the way, would be awesome exercise. Keven and Jen came over and we headed out. The farther out on the desert we got the harder it rained and blew. I was really starting to dread this. I was just thinking about two very tired, wet, cold kids. The flash floods that go ripping through the slot canyons after a rain storm had not yet even crossed my mind. Tony was absolutely determined; so I said a prayer as we bounced over the washboards. I sat in the truck at the top of the canyon gathering my courage. As soon as we all got out the wind stopped and a great big circle of clear sky appeared above us. It turned out to be a magical afternoon. It was great to be able to share that with Grandpa and share such a cool thing with our kids. For the most part they had a great time jumping out at each other yelling "boo" and climbing in and out of the rocks. They were absolutely beat towards the end and in some places we tried to carry them at arms length as we squoze through the canyon. Keven gets clostrophobic so he hiked along the top and took all the pictures. I'm grateful for such an amazing experience. Even though my mom took us numerous times when we were teenagers, it was a whole new experience with our kids.


Barbara Munson said...

I love the photo of Hope with her backpack. She looks like a little trooper! Spooky Gulch looks like so much fun. I was there in high school and seeing these photos bring back memories with Mr. Alvey.