Sunday, November 18, 2007

Air Show

A couple of weeks ago we went to Nellis Air Force Base for the air show. I'm pretty sure this was a dream come true for Tony. We got to see the Stealth Fighter, and Predator which is flown by remote, amazing. The thunderbirds were very cool. We had a great time, all of us but Ben... It was so loud, I think he was trying to match the noise as he screamed.

Notice the side of the plane between motivation for dieting.


We got to be in Escalante for Halloween this year and I was so excited to be there for the annual tradition to mass produce homemade doughnuts. Every year I miss that, and it was so fun to get to help with that again. There is nothing like those homemade doughnuts, just ask every kid in Escalante, parents to for that matter. We made 30 dozen. Lots of work, lots of fun. The kids of course loved trick-or-treating. The nice thing about Escalante is the houses are far enough apart that you get to walk off everything you're about to eat.

The kids love their Grandpa Keven, he's great with them. See what I was saying about the faces. :)

That's Hope under that mask. Ben doesn't know what to think. It goes well with her princess dress though.

Fun in the Leaves

We loved the fall weather while we were in Escalante and everything that comes with it. Under all of those leaves are Ben's typical fists full of cars. Once they started playing he let go and then realized they were still in there somewhere, then came the fun search for "treasure"(they are to Ben anyway).

Emilee and Lehi

We've had lots of fun since I last posted. Emilee and Lehi got married, and Hope got to be the flower girl. That came with some confusion. After she figured out (and got over the disappointment) that she wasn't going to turn into a flower, she was so excited, and she did such a good job. It just didn't last quite long enough. Emilee and Lehi are a great couple and it was fun to get to share a special weekend with them. They are both lucky.

If Hope knows her picture is being taken, she has a very hard time not pulling a funny face, I'm pretty sure that come from Tony's side (Grandpa Keven)!!