Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm a dork!

I was getting tired of the same old thing on our blog so decided to jazz it up. I wanted a different template and thought I could figure it out myself. I got the new template but deleted my songs and friends and family links. How do you do it right? I'm a little more technilogically impaired than I thought apparently.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Professional Help

Ever since Hope's first birthday I've tried to make their cakes special. I've had some success and some catastrophes. For example, Hope's first cake was a rubber duckie cake which was all blue with mini marshmallow bubbles and ducks all over it. I used so much food coloring that it died Hope's face, hands, arms, high chair, shirt, everything, blue for several days. For her second birthday, I wanted to make her a Jo Jo the Clown cake which turned out pretty cute until her cotton candy hat melted into a big sticky puddle by the time we ate it. Anyway, instead of having to rely soley on sweets of every kind for my creations I decided to sign up for a Wilton class. Here are my first three assignments.
My very first attempt at using an icing tip.

These bottom two are to prove that not every one of my previous cakes have been a disaster. It's nice to be able to do a little more with frosting that just spread it now though.

The BIG Recital

It just wouldn't be Hope without the big cheese.

Hope had her second recital for tap and jazz. The first one was dress them up in Christmas colors and come have fun. This time they ordered costumes, had professional pictures taken, and performed at the ampitheatre. She loved it all; especially the costume. She did a great job. If she has many more I'm going to have to invest in another memory stick. I didn't want to miss a step. I'll save you from all of that and just give you a couple.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hope's Graduation

Hope graduated from the preschool that four other moms and I took turns doing each Friday. We learned ABCs and reviewed shapes and colors. She can now write the letters in the alphabet and loves to ask what words start with or "What starts with...." It was a great chance for her to make wonderful friends and she's heartbroken now that it's over. I'm glad she loves learning and has such neat friends.

We are still here!

I figure after almost three months, it's time to post. Life has been uncharacteristically crazy. In April Tony and I stole away on a 7 day cruise of the Mexican Riviera while my parents kept the kids. Those pictures are on Tony's camera, so more about that later when I know where that camera is.

A few weeks before we left for Mexico we found out that we are expecting our third. Kind of a shock, but it didn't take long to get really excited. The day we came back from our trip we found out that I've been accepted into nursing school in August. That has brought it's own excitement along with anxiety, stress, and lots of contemplation of what to do with our little one coming. We've prayed and thought and prayed more and have decided to get it done before our lives get possibly more hectic. So, I've been working through orientation, financial aid forms, drug tests, background checks, physicals, etc. etc. etc.

We've also picked up the home search since our two bedroom condo is seemingly shrinking by the day and we undoubtedly need another bedroom now. It's been exciting, frustrating and consistently overwhelming. It's definitely a good time for us to buy, but the sheer number of foreclosures alone makes my head spin. We think we've finally found the one and will hopefully have some definites this week. However, nothing is happening as fast as I want since we want something we can fix up and need to have the majority of it done before school starts in August.

Anyway, I think that's most of the big stuff that doesn't come with pictures. Above are the ones that I did take picture of. Thanks for being patient in our absense.