Sunday, June 1, 2008

We are still here!

I figure after almost three months, it's time to post. Life has been uncharacteristically crazy. In April Tony and I stole away on a 7 day cruise of the Mexican Riviera while my parents kept the kids. Those pictures are on Tony's camera, so more about that later when I know where that camera is.

A few weeks before we left for Mexico we found out that we are expecting our third. Kind of a shock, but it didn't take long to get really excited. The day we came back from our trip we found out that I've been accepted into nursing school in August. That has brought it's own excitement along with anxiety, stress, and lots of contemplation of what to do with our little one coming. We've prayed and thought and prayed more and have decided to get it done before our lives get possibly more hectic. So, I've been working through orientation, financial aid forms, drug tests, background checks, physicals, etc. etc. etc.

We've also picked up the home search since our two bedroom condo is seemingly shrinking by the day and we undoubtedly need another bedroom now. It's been exciting, frustrating and consistently overwhelming. It's definitely a good time for us to buy, but the sheer number of foreclosures alone makes my head spin. We think we've finally found the one and will hopefully have some definites this week. However, nothing is happening as fast as I want since we want something we can fix up and need to have the majority of it done before school starts in August.

Anyway, I think that's most of the big stuff that doesn't come with pictures. Above are the ones that I did take picture of. Thanks for being patient in our absense.


talesha said...

Wow! You guys are keeping quite busy. I am so glad school is out and it is now SUMMER!

Stef said...

Yay! I had almost given up on checking your blog! I am so glad you posted! Congrats on # 3 and Nursing school! Getting my RN has been such a huge blessing to me and my family! I was also pregnant when I was going to Nursing school, it was really hard, but SO worth it! Keep us posted on EVERYTHING!

Melanie said...

wow! crazy! i'm always so amazed at how much other people can handle -- you being one of them. congrats on number 3!!! and isn't the home buying process so stressful? (although, a few others i've talked to didn't seem to have the same stresses we have, so maybe i blow things out of proportion...) AND school? wow. you go, girl! super cute cakes, by the way!