Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hope's New Dance Class

Hope started dance class last week. She's taking tap and jazz and couldn't love it any more. She's been so attentive and good at following instructions. Miss Lori wears her out so she comes home ready for a nap. Mom really enjoys that aspect. (sorry about the color on the last two)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hope the Popsicle

Hopester wanted to play hide 'n go seek the other day. So she hid and Tony and I started looking. We looked and looked.....and looked. Finally after about five minutes Tony noticed that the fridge was open a crack. Hope had shoved everything from the bottom shelf on top and actually fit down there. She was so proud of herself and couldn't stop laughing when we found her. When she finally consented to getting out she was so excited because her hair was really cold. Life is never boring with kids!!

Trying to Stay Cool

This is one of our kids favorite waterparks. It has parrots and pirates and big palms that all have fountains coming out of them. And of course the ability to target dad, the best part of all. We've had record breaking temperatures this summer, and although I can't wait for it to finally start cooling off and my power bill to go down, there are some things we sure miss when it has cooled down.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Right Hand Girl

When Hope was younger I used to anxiously await the day we could make cookies together. Now she's old enough and not only loves cookies, she wants to help with everything. Lots of times we have a great time and I love that we get to do that together. She's getting great at breaking the eggs and loves to measure; she's quite the cook. Sometimes though it's a big challenge and tests my patience. She's gotten so confident she doesn't always wait for instructions. The other night we were making calzones and she decided she could handle the garlic powder by herself. Thankfully they weren't as bad as expected. She also loves buttons and can't wait to get to turn on the mixer, chopper or blender (recently before I could get the lid on). I know I'll appreciate all of it when I can turn her lose and she whips up something yummy.

My Brothers

Val, Alex, Mike, and Daniel, aren't they handsome. Even they can pull off hot pink ties.

The Girls

Anya, Emilee, me, Jess, and Amy. How lucky I am to have such amazing, fun sisters.

Dave and Monica

Dave and Monica on their big day. They both looked so good!!

Hope and Ben

Hope and Ben dancing in the rain, while everybody else hid from it, while we waited for Dave and Monica to come out of the temple.


In April we got to spend one session of conference on temple square with just about the whole family. The weather was perfect and we all road trax for the first time. Ben, Hope and Ivan couldn't get enough of the fountain. It couldn't have been a better day.

Our new blog

We are always wishing we could see family and friends who live too far away more often. Hopefully this will help you feel more in touch with our lives and we'll get to hear from you too. Stef introduced me to this like two years ago and I loved it then, finally I'm getting ours done. I hope this will be fun for everybody and that you'll enjoy being able to see us (Hope and Ben) anytime you want and keep up on all of their new things. Here's a couple of photos from our last few months to get started.