Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cole and Amy's Wedding

Even more in love than on our wedding day!
Hope the flower girl, Tryston the ring bearer, and Jess who smiles through everything.

Our - the bigger the better- happy family!

These are pictures taken at Amy's wedding last weekend. It was such a fun weekend. But really bittersweet since it was the last time we got to see Dave and Monica or Emilee, Lehi and Emrie before they both move way too far away.


Melanie said...

I can't believe how much your family (brothers and sisters) has changed since I last saw all of them! Everyone looks so great and grown up! And your younger brothers?!?! They're such cute catches! I feel awful that I don't even know what everyone is up to. Like, who's moving, and why are they moving? And how did Amy meet her new husband? It makes me so sad that I'm so far behind. But give my love to all your family! Like I said, you all look so fantastic!

talesha said...

Don't worry about Emilee, my family will be taking good care of her. She is only about 30 -45 minutes away from me. I saw your some of your family yesterday at MeRell's welcome home and it was so good to see them. I am so happy that Emilee will be close. My mom, Berena and I do a girls day out and we will be including her in this. You have a cute family! Email me! and I will keep you informed!