Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mommy's New Hair, Hope's New Hair

This picture doesn't show the 1/2 inch long patch she has right on top. My swollen eyes are from crying.

Even Ben decided to try something new.
After it's all said and done, Hope is happy that it's short like mommy's, and I'm getting used to the bangs all the way back across the top of her head look.

I went and got my hair done on Saturday. A badly needed freshening up. I cut a lot off and apparently this got Hope to thinking. Sunday after church she came in and asked me to take her hair out so she could put in the curlers I'd used. Since only the top was fixed I told her there was lots of room to put them in the back. She walked away and came back after having cut out the left side. I'm told every little girl has to go throught his, but this is round 2. The first time I'll admit was kind of my fault. I had cut Tony's hair and left the scissors out (about a year ago). This time she had used her safety scissors. Not quite as safe as I'd imagined. I was totally devastated. It had just grown out long enough from last time to really be able to braid and do stuff with the back again. So, on Tuesday she got her first trip to the salon. I took her where I'd gone and we had a good talk about who can cut hair. Hopefully, this will be her last haircut done herself. In the end, it is a lot longer than last time. I should be grateful.


talesha said...

Oh, Mindy! I'm so sorry. Every little girl I think goes through this. Sariah did about the same thing. She wanted her hair cut and I wasn't being fast enough taking her to my lady who cuts my hair. You guessed it she cut hers and then I DID end up taking her to the salon! Love YA

Stef said...

Well, the after effects aren't bad! I think she looks really cute! And your hair looks cute too. Makaylee hasn't cut her own yet, but Terry cut it on accident when he was cutting out an elastic!